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LOL, the title is hilarious since it has less than nothing to do with the topic XD

I wrote an immense piece in reply and I’m going to split it up in a few posts so it isn’t too overwhelming XD

I don’t have a lot to say on the general ethics or how you should biblically depict it, but I have a few points that are mainly for realism and if you decide to include women fighting.

raised a point here I’d like to add to from my experience.

Hand-to-hand combat should be avoided where possible, in my mind.  I cannot see women being believable grapplers or brute wrestlers unless they are matched with someone of comparable size and strength level.

I have been doing HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) for the past two months. It includes longsword training and “ringen” or historical wrestling. The club is about 80% male, there are only three other women. HEMA has no destinction between men’s fighting and women’s fighting, and there are a lot of women in HEMA at large.

There is absolutely no distinction as for weight class or strength. As our coach put it “We don’t have that luxury. You don’t get to pick your opponents in real life.”

Ringen is full contact wrestling. It involves a lot of throwing, and it has happened on multiple occasions that a 5’4″ woman gets put against a 6’2″ man. And she’s perfectly capable of throwing him. Is she going to have a way harder time? Certainly. Is it going to take all your weight and excellent technique? Definitely. (Speaking from experience, you often end up literally dragging your opponent to the ground with your full weight) Is it possible? Without a doubt.

If you’re smaller and weaker than your opponent, you’re going to be at a disadvantage, and if you can keep out of that situation, you should, but if you do get into it, you can win.

Most martial arts include an element of technique, and grappling is one of them. If you execute the technique correctly, weight doesn’t make a difference. If you’re throwing your whole weight against someone while tripping them, they’re going down.

In swordfighting, this is amplified tenfold. When you have weapons, weight and strength barely make a difference. Being smaller doesn’t make you faster or more flexible. (Rather the opposite. If your opponent is taller they have dramatically more reach than you and you have to go twice the distance each time. A taller woman would have advantage over a shorter man.)

Because you do have weapons, it changes fighting rather dramatically. Weapons are incredible equalizers. Whether you get hit by a man or a woman, the sword can and will cut you. You don’t have to hit particularly hard to cut someone.

A female’s fighting style should rely on precision and speed, rather than brute strength and power.

So, I agree that women and men might use different ways to win, but I’d slightly change it. If you want to win against a larger and stronger opponent, you focus on technique. (As far as I’ve seen, speed is more a result of good technique) If your technique is good, you can win against someone much larger.

Even in the original manuscripts, they occasionally mention something like “this technique is good for when you’re fighting against an opponent who favors strength over technique.”

In short, women are physically capable of beating a male opponent. There are many factors to winning a fight and strength and weight are only two of them. They’ll be at a disadvantage, but it’s possible.

So, that was a purely technical aspect I wanted to adress 🙂

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