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Joshua Scheele


Hi Rose! It is a pleasure to meet you too! I used to draw a lot before I went to college, then lost touch. I have been slowly working on returning to it and recently started digital illustration using Clip Art Studio. Do you have any learning resources you would recommend?

I’ve been writing for about a year and a half, I’m working on a fantasy trilogy inspired by medieval North Africa. I’m completely rewriting the first book, but the second book is drafted and waiting for revisions.  The titles are “Gilded Blood” “Shadow Shards” and “Smoke Circlet” respectively.

Wow! Medieval North Africa honestly sounds like an awesome place setting. I would love to read it.

Sanderson’s Skyward is probably my current favorite sci fi and is most likely the cleanest of all his different series. I read his Stormlight Archives which were good but not quite as clean. First Trilogy of Mistborn same but the 2nd trilogy, definitely not as clean. I will check out those books. I have not come across those before but they sound very intriguing. Thank you! I definitely don’t mind when people go overboard with book recommendations. Always appreciated! XD

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