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Brian Stansell


Honestly, Erynne, pertaining to your question…

Is there anything you’ve picked up on from other writers or anything that you yourself have done to incorporate this into your writing?

…I am having a hard time finding anything in modern fiction that does not skew gender into a game of belittling one another because of creative differences.

I know in the OT case of the prophetess Deborah, she was reluctant to take the military leader and disgusted with the cowardice of the males to take the role.  But when men fail to step up and are disobedient, God will still use the willing vessel regardless of their gender, as He did with Deborah.  Shirking responsibility is cowardice, but God honors faith and obedience.

I do have a Deborah-type figure in my present story, who wears a mask and binds her hair under a head-scarf and leads a marauding team of horsemen raiders in resistance against the tyrannical king’s brutal Protectorate Guards which pillage and terrorize local villages.  She is a Robin Hood type of character.  The brutal regime does not know “Storm Hawk” is a female and would be very angry if they ever found out they were being bested and outsmarted by a woman.  I find that particularly satisfying, for she is a clever girl and strategist, and has a good understanding of human nature which gives her a tactical advantage.  She is a skilled archer and has quick reflexes and does multi-task very well, yet she is very feminine.  She loves her husband and lost her twins to miscarriage after a tragic accident that she has trauma-blocked from her memory.  She is driven, but also vulnerable, and kind.  Her name is Maeven, and she is a delight to write.

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