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R.M. Archer

At that moment my mind was focused on my belief that the woman’s main priority should be in the home rather than focusing on a job or trying to prove women’s equality to men, as Jo was.

That makes sense! And I mostly agree with that. I certainly agree with the latter half; women who truly understand women to equal to men despite their differences don’t feel the need to prove it by taking on contrabiblical roles or putting men down.

Is there anything you’ve picked up on from other writers or anything that you yourself have done to incorporate this into your writing?

I think it’s important to showcase a variety of strengths in female characters. Include the female characters who fight, but also include the ones who are healers, or mothers, or artists, or sisters, or who speak up about injustice or challenge others to grow or… any number of other things. Strength comes in many forms, whether you’re writing a male or a female character. We’ve adopted this societal notion that physical strength is the only one that counts, but integrity and compassion and wisdom and patience and many other things are equally as strong and important—if not more so.

I also have to say that I’m happy to know I’m not the only non-feminist female out there hahaha

No, we exist. Though finding the ones who are even as conservative as I am in practice can be a challenge. I don’t think I’m as conservative as they come, but I’ve been surprised to discover how rare it is to find Christian women who don’t duck out from under their direct (non-abusive) authority as soon as they can. I’ve been blessed to be able to connect with a small handful of like-minded ladies through my blogs, and a couple others in person, but I’m still frequently the odd one out. So I know that feeling of “Yay! I can finally share my thoughts without people thinking I’m weird!” LOL.

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