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Joshua Scheele


They’re some of my favorite book series! I have as much instrumental talent as the hares in Redwall have small appetites and delicate manners (or as much as I have either of those for that matter :D). Which is to say…zero talent there, I hate trying to learn instruments so much I’m teaching myself to beatbox because “that’s easier”! But my mom is a fantastic singer and used to sing in the church choir so my siblings and I sing off Disney songs so much I can do pretty decent vocals once I started applying myself. I bet I could design some cover songs for your story by the time it’s done and that would be good promotion for both of us when it came down to it *heheh, I’m the opportunist of my family, if I get to bargain I’ll probably do it XD*

Wow! Nice! I have never thought of beatboxing. I am definitely open to working together to create some songs because I actually planned on finding someone to help with that. XD The star for the first part of the series is a small girl who has a magical and amazing voice. Her voice will put the birds to shame and nature and the planet will join in song with her in peace. In war her voice will encourage her companions to stand strong and her enemy to flee. I could never sing that part. XD I have a grand introduction planned near the end of the first book for her voice. 😉

I didn’t know Redwall had audiobooks! *Dang…get me a couple weeks earlier and I mighta bought that for him for Christmas instead!* I’ll remember that! *for next Christmas, or for my siblings/co-conspirators in Christmas gifts*

They have 17 of the books in audiobooks and they are a blast to listen to the hilarious banter and war cries.

I absolutely love voice-acting! I think I’ve got a couple resources on hand here and here and here and here and here and here and here aaaand here (and a…couple for singing to if you want…? XDD) but most of it for me is having such a vivid impression of how all my characters talk and how their voices sound like plus using the Audacity recording software to add effects that change pitch and such. The changing pitch is especially good when I have to do guy-characters, so far I’ve done a seventeen-year-old boy with a kinda raspy edge in his voice and an middle-aged-going-on-older guy with a very gravelly/bouncy consistency in his voice (but I can’t for the life of me do a good throaty chuckle) and then I did a redhead but I’m not 100% satisfied with her voice (mostly because I didn’t have a particularly clear impression in my head of what I wanted her to sound like), and next I’ll probably be doing this getto-girl with a thick really fun kinda British kinda what-the-heck-is-this-accent? accent over a very chirpy, clear voice and I can’t wait to try with her I’ll be manipulating my Italian-Yankee accent for that! I’m very excited to get to that character she’s just hysterical!

That is really awesome. I used to be really good with hare accents from Redwall after listening to the audiobooks. I couldn’t open those links you included, not sure if they are broken or it is me. XD What hardware do you use for recording? Definitely a pro compared to me. I might have to learn from you. XD

I added your email to my story folder on google docs.

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