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Noah Cochran


This story will go on from medieval + renaissance to industrial + modern to space age (essentially star wars XD) through several series.

Wow my man, that’s ambitious, and I love it. 🙂


Long for ‘No’? (Don’t worry, it’s not my most pathetic pun XD) *failed to find a good pun for lengthening Noah, is very disappointed in me 😭😭😭*

I’ll rename myself “Camiravaldarion” or something to make it easier for you.

He’s totally obnoxious you’ll love him@storysmith!



*stealthily notes titles*

They’re all great books, especially Behold the Dawn, check em out sometime. 🙂

Ooooh really?! I have zero experience with those but I’m supposed to study them next year! *absolutely noted to come to you for advice when I get there

So do you have a goal for these skills? What got you into it?

See how casually he puts that in there @storysmith?! Four months!!! He finished his first draft in four months!!!!!!! And this is his first novel!!! *jealous*

So, @storysmith, just fyi, Cathy has a thing for overreacting (though you’ve probably already figured that out). 😉

@rose-colored-fancy @noah-cochan
Ahhhh my favorite annoying humans!! (…probably human :D)

Well, whatever I am, this is definitely not an alien.




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