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Hey Joshua! I’m Noah (yep, just Noah not short or long for anything ), great to have you!

Long for ‘No’? (Don’t worry, it’s not my most pathetic pun XD) *failed to find a good pun for lengthening Noah, is very disappointed in me 😭😭😭*
He’s totally obnoxious you’ll love him@storysmith! (:

Behold the Dawn by K. M. Weiland (medieval action adventure set in the real world), Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw (epic fantasy, sorcery-free, first and only book so far in the Wakening series), and if you like YA, The Blackthorn Key Series (my personal favorite YA series as of right now,  action mystery, set in 1600s England).

*stealthily notes titles*

I am actually taking a class on photoshop and adobe premiere right now. Drawing and art are probably my weakest points, but photoshop and video editing software I enjoy using.

Ooooh really?! I have zero experience with those but I’m supposed to study them next year! *absolutely noted to come to you for advice when I get there :D*

I started writing around four months ago, and just recently finished the first draft of my stand alone novel. It is a  action adventure novel set in medieval France (I love medieval history).

See how casually he puts that in there @storysmith?! Four months!!! He finished his first draft in four months!!!!!!! And this is his first novel!!! *jealous*


Hi Cathy! Glad to meet you! I will definitely check those two series out. They definitely seem intriguing. That’s super cool! I am not really talented in music, but I am slowly learning it so I can create my own music and vocals for my own audiobooks too. I really enjoyed the fun songs in Redwall, especially when you listen to the audiobooks and would like to carry that concept to my story as well. I need to learn about poetry and songwriting to that. XD Way too many things on my to do list for my story. Voice-acting is another thing I need to learn for my audiobooks. Do you have any resources you would recommend on voice acting? Your story is very intriguing and would love to read it. I would appreciate your input on mine too. The prologue probably needs a lot more work still than my first chapter but my editor says they are both pretty good for a first draft so I guess that is good to know. XD I haven’t gotten around to creating my names for my characters and all my creatures yet. I tried to make name fillers for the time being till I am ready with names. I have not come up with any titles yet either. I am still forging my regions, nations, factions, cultures, and societies to create themes to match my names to depending on where they are from.

They’re some of my favorite book series! I have as much instrumental talent as the hares in Redwall have small appetites and delicate manners (or as much as I have either of those for that matter :D). Which is to say…zero talent there, I hate trying to learn instruments so much I’m teaching myself to beatbox because “that’s easier”! But my mom is a fantastic singer and used to sing in the church choir so my siblings and I sing off Disney songs so much I can do pretty decent vocals once I started applying myself. I bet I could design some cover songs for your story by the time it’s done and that would be good promotion for both of us when it came down to it 🙂 *heheh, I’m the opportunist of my family, if I get to bargain I’ll probably do it XD*
I didn’t know Redwall had audiobooks! *Dang…get me a couple weeks earlier and I mighta bought that for him for Christmas instead!* I’ll remember that! *for next Christmas, or for my siblings/co-conspirators in Christmas gifts*
I absolutely love voice-acting! I think I’ve got a couple resources on hand here and here and here and here and here and here and here aaaand here (and a…couple for singing to if you want…? XDD) but most of it for me is having such a vivid impression of how all my characters talk and how their voices sound like plus using the Audacity recording software to add effects that change pitch and such. The changing pitch is especially good when I have to do guy-characters, so far I’ve done a seventeen-year-old boy with a kinda raspy edge in his voice and an middle-aged-going-on-older guy with a very gravelly/bouncy consistency in his voice (but I can’t for the life of me do a good throaty chuckle) and then I did a redhead but I’m not 100% satisfied with her voice (mostly because I didn’t have a particularly clear impression in my head of what I wanted her to sound like), and next I’ll probably be doing this getto-girl with a thick really fun kinda British kinda what-the-heck-is-this-accent? accent over a very chirpy, clear voice and I can’t wait to try with her I’ll be manipulating my Italian-Yankee accent for that! I’m very excited to get to that character she’s just hysterical!
You can actually post audios on the forum in Fantasy Writers<Audios. @obrian-of-the-surfaceworld does some of the most epic audios here!!! (he’s also just all-round awesome and fun and nice!)
Ohh yes, I never like my own writing but usually the one I hate the most is the one everybody likes so I bet your prologue’s just fine! And soo yes with names I ran through so many different names to get the perfect meanings for everything in their character arc!

This might be a stupid question. XD How do I best share my story? Normally I share it on google docs so people can make comments.

Oh you beat me to asking! Google docs are pretty common for everybody here I think but I don’t have my parent’s approval to use it. But I can read them fine if you give me a link, I just can’t edit anything or type in notes, but I can write all that here pretty easy! Or, you can copy and paste it here directly (*but note you have to reapply italic and bold*).
I can email you a pdf of my story if you want and you can highlight and make sticky notes over things there (I’m fantasywriter2018@outlook.com btw) or I can start a forum on StoryEmbers and post it chapter by chapter or…figure out…how to publish a website or landingpage from Converterkit onto internet search engines and send a link from there (thaaaat’s a long work-in-progress for me right now so it might take a bit XDDD)

Ahhhh my favorite annoying humans!! (…probably human :D)

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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