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Wait till you hear this! It isn’t just a novel-length book like mine, it’s at least 150k words long!!! That’s twice as long as my manuscript and took half the time! I still barely believe it but I’m extremely impressed!

Whoa!!! That’s just insane!
Dude!! You’re crazy @noah-cochran!!!

*Is satisfied that I’ve successfully embarrassed my friend*

(*XDD congratulations on a mission-accomplished XDD* *hides behind a desk…then plots😈*)
Weeeell!! @rose-colored-fancy does spectacular art and she has her own Instagram account for them too!!! She can finish her designs in like just a couple days and they have gorgeous light and shading and complimentary color integration!!! And of course being able to roll a coin over her knuckles like Jaron!!!! (And run in high heels idk how that’s humanly possible…although I’d probably find a way or break them consistently if I ever wore them).

Well Cathy, I have been successfully hyped by Rose. I’m looking forward to your insights.

Heheh thanks *completely red*

Okay, I’m up for it then.


Sounds good. Also, I was being an idiot, pdf’s are only going to open on the computer they are downloaded on. xD

Lol I have done that before 😂

A three month first draft isn’t that hard if you have enough time.  xD It definitely got harder once school and college started though. The worst part about it is that my writing speed is around 800 words an hour on average (less than that at 6:00 in the morning) and that means the amount of hours I had to put in was exorbitantly large.

Nonono no, see I used to have all the time in the world while I was writing my first draft, it was literally the only thing I did after school (besides reading) so I could reasonably do anything from 2-4 hours a day every day for a year and it still took me a little over a year with my first draft and–*registers wordcount for the first time*…dude, 800 words an hour is like twice my input an hour; that’s a pretty great writing speed!!! (Or I’m an incredibly slow writer; both of which pretty plausible XD)
(lol I start around 5 in the morning to until somebody turns on the lights)

I think you’ll be surprised at how decent it already is! Whenever I think “Well, this is two thousand words of trash but I’m leaving this problem for future me” and I reread it later I always wonder why I hated it because it’s pretty decent! I’m sure it’ll work out! (Plus, rereading and polishing is always fun )

Lol yes!!! That’s exactly why I forbid myself to delete something I’ve written/drawn until the next day or so cause I’ll hate it as soon as I’m done whatever it is!!!

Also, I’m really excited about reading Thief’s Dilemma!

AMEN TO THAT!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!!

Aaaaand email marketing links to start! Hopefully!

linkydo and (and a ridiculous amount of my research is in pdfs 😭, BUT that’s tomorrow’s problem 😁)

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