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Joy C. Woodbury


I couldn’t have said it better! He knew what He was doing when He hid that knowledge 🙂


Thank you! I’m really happy with how my profile picture turned out! I just love the general aesthetic of it!

It looks AWESOME!

And the quote is a snippet of song from my WIP! I only have a few lines so far:

““With the sunshine, shadows will come, and light seems far,”
“Without darkness, there is no light.
If there was no nighttime, would the dawn be as bright?”

That’s so beautiful! *places hand over heart* I need to write a song for a WIP someday…

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve sleepily reached for a notepad next to my bed because I had an idea while I was trying to fall asleep XD

I always spend thirty minutes lying awake imagining scenes for my WIP. 😂 #relatableauthorstruggles

O that you would realize that each moment is golden. - Ellen G. White

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