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Lol ooops… I meant *gets off ground after losing balance from sudden bear hug and shakes off glitter that somehow got all over me*

LOL! Glitter never disappears!


I hope to be back to stay haha. I really feel bad about not being here in so long but my life has just been crazy and I’ve had major writers block. Luckily, my life is somewhat back to normal and I’ve gotten back into the writing spirit so we’ll see where that goes.

That’s awesome! Writer’s block is annoying, but I’m glad you’re getting back into it! I’m so glad to have you around again!

I’m still working on that same project. (I have adjusted the script to include a lot of chaos for Liorah to cause and get tangled up in, so she’s behaving XD) I’m rewriting the first book (I’m at 71k now, I hope to finish it this month!) and I finished the first draft of the second book.


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