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Joshua Scheele

Thank you Erynne! Glad to meet you and be here. I have been slowly working on it for over a year. My first draft for the prologue is 2102 words and chapter 1 is 3675 words long. I plan to keep my chapters around 10 pages each and the first book will have 30. So a long but exciting road to go yet. You may like my story’s primary star, an exiled orphan princess left to lead what is left of her people and raise her remaining siblings. She will start out as about 12 yrs and with a countless abundance of help, she will grow to becoming her world’s north star leading it to victory and has an amazing singing voice to silence the birds so that they can listen. My world may be dark but the good people do their best to make every moment enjoyable, fun, and light-hearted to make it through the storms. I guess the theme was imprinted on me after reading Redwall by Brian Jacques. I would love to share what I have and hear your input. God Bless for He is always good!

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