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Joshua Scheele

Hi Noah! It is a pleasure to meet you and be here. I have heard of KM Weiland and plan to read her books next but I will definitely check out those other books too. I don’t have much against magic/sorcery. I am not a fan of a harry potter fan with their morals and concept of magic or Star Wars with the concept of the force being the life energy of universe. To clarify, I definitely like Star Wars as story though. I prefer something more physical, that can be grasped, and synced together with morals. Something that is not just a bunch of hocus pocus. XD I think readers will consider my magic as techno- magic. I think that is the term for it now. It comes from a crystal only found on the world of my first planned series. It was born from a great cataclysm that ended with the world being split in two but molded back together with the raw energy of the creator (God) by one of his children/servant to help atone for his mistake which was of course in the creator’s plan. This changed the world completely into becoming a full-fledged world of fantasy creatures and possibilities. The characters in the story will discover this power source to invent or abuse it for limitless possibilities. This story will go on from medieval + renaissance to industrial + modern to space age (essentially star wars XD) through several series. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of those ideas some day.

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