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Joshua Scheele

Hi Cathy! Glad to meet you! I will definitely check those two series out. They definitely seem intriguing. That’s super cool! I am not really talented in music, but I am slowly learning it so I can create my own music and vocals for my own audiobooks too. I really enjoyed the fun songs in Redwall, especially when you listen to the audiobooks and would like to carry that concept to my story as well. I need to learn about poetry and songwriting to that. XD Way too many things on my to do list for my story. Voice-acting is another thing I need to learn for my audiobooks. Do you have any resources you would recommend on voice acting? Your story is very intriguing and would love to read it. I would appreciate your input on mine too. The prologue probably needs a lot more work still than my first chapter but my editor says they are both pretty good for a first draft so I guess that is good to know. XD I haven’t gotten around to creating my names for my characters and all my creatures yet. I tried to make name fillers for the time being till I am ready with names. I have not come up with any titles yet either. I am still forging my regions, nations, factions, cultures, and societies to create themes to match my names to depending on where they are from.

This might be a stupid question. XD How do I best share my story? Normally I share it on google docs so people can make comments.

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