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See, I told you I failed hahaha

Uuuh XD no, what’s funny is you’re close in a way, because that’s how she and her siblings are named, alphabetically. Like A, B, C, D, and so on. While her older sister has the A name, she has the I name. Her name is Ivy Wiley.

Hey that’s like really neat! I bet it’s fun to do that and you definitely get a head start naming your charas lol. Ivy fits her well. I have an Ivy in my fantasy too.

Ahh Well the story spreads through time but as of now, she’s Eight, I was hoping the faceclaim didn’t look so old.

I was actually going between 8 and 12 and I almost said 8-12 if that makes you feel better. The faceclaim is perfect for her. Where do you find yours at?? You manage to get super cool ones that I can’t seem to discover

This story sounds quite interesting, I gotta say.

What I think is funny is that one older sister is named Bliss, and Lissy/Lissa are her nicknames.

Oh that is funny XD

XD I love accents. She kinda stutters when she speaks, and may pronounce some words wrong.

I do too. SHE NEEDS AN ACCENT!!!! Like she doesn’t habe to be a full on British thing, but she needs something

Hm… well.. maybe. XD I think she may favor green, since, um, her name is Ivy?

Mmm yep, makes sense. It needs to be like a pastel mint green thing though. She just looks like she would like the light/pastel colors XD

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