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Noah Cochran


Hey Joshua! I’m Noah (yep, just Noah not short or long for anything 😉 ), great to have you!

I’m a total extrovert. xD I love talking to people, and the word that describes me best would be gregarious.

I am running out of good and clean novels to read.

I can not express how much this is me. xD I have quite strict rules on what I allow myself to read, especially strong language/magic wise, so I am also low on good books to read. I can’t really recommend much fantasy, as I can’t find much good in that genre myself, but here are a couple recommendations in similar genres: Behold the Dawn by K. M. Weiland (medieval action adventure set in the real world), Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw (epic fantasy, sorcery-free, first and only book so far in the Wakening series), and if you like YA, The Blackthorn Key Series (my personal favorite YA series as of right now,  action mystery, set in 1600s England).

I am actually taking a class on photoshop and adobe premiere right now. Drawing and art are probably my weakest points, but photoshop and video editing software I enjoy using.

Your book sounds interesting! Keep me updated. 🙂 I started writing around four months ago, and just recently finished the first draft of my stand alone novel. It is a  action adventure novel set in medieval France (I love medieval history). I’ve begun brainstorming both a medieval historical fiction series, and fantasy series I have in mind, but those will be a long time coming.


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