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XD do you like books/movies that make you cry?

If I find a book/movie that actually makes me cry a lot, it means it was either really well written or a dog died XD In the first case yes, in the second, no XD

The only two movies that I can remember that made me cry a lot were “Hachi” and “The Shack” (controversial movie, but I really liked it)

As for books, I cried a little about The Book Thief, but I don’t cry about books a lot.

And you?

743 words in…IDK, almost an hour. I finished chapter two. My tiny heart is breaking.

You did it! Good for you! You did something and that’s amazing! You’re almost 800 words closer to your goal! Keep going, you’re doing it!


My wordcount for today was 1658 words in 1 hour 20 minutes. I’m struggling, it takes a lot of effort to write, but I’m just going to try to push through it… somehow XD (At least I wrote a lot last week XD)

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