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I’m Cathy, short for Chatty Cathy long for Cat! I wanna beta read your story!!! Most people say I’m an ambiavert too, but I usually just go with “introspective extrovert” I love Narnia (Reepercheap’s the best!! (and I probably misspelled his name XD)) and Lord of the Rings is pretty epic, my little brother loves Redwall too!! I started writing for myself when I was nine and my big sister started writing so of course I had to imitate her, that’s how I picked up drawing too, but I didn’t really get into writing until I turned thirteen.
Fantasy and sci-fi are some of the best! I really loved the Giver series for sci-fi, even the movie was pretty good and that’s rare. It’s a very well illustrated dystopia especially because it’s so very different from most dystropian books it makes the evil government very clean and polished the communist dream-world and then illustrates that even with no problems and no hiccups in the scheme it’s still just evil, so I really liked that one. For fantasy I’d highly recommend the Ascendance Series cos it’s just a fun ride. It’s a YA fantasy that starts out about these orphans that are picked up by one of the king’s advisor’s who’s murdered the royal family and is trying to force the orphans to compete to see who can impersonate the long lost prince who’s been presume dead for a while.
OHHHH YES!!!!! I’M STUDYING GRAPHIC DESIGN TOO!!!! I’m hoping this next year to take an associates in it, I’m really into motion graphics and web design especially and I wanna kinda boost into 3D animation from there…I also want to design music and vocals from the songs I’ve written for my stories and I love voice-acting to design and audio book for the FINAL REVISION of my 4-5 year-old novel. It’s a high-fantasy thriller about a fugitive prince with Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder tangled in a mysterious puzzle piece chase pivoting around clues of his fractured past and ancient legends of an abandoned religion through high-stakes intrigue that weaves around themes addressing abuse–particularly psychological abuse, ideologies that endorse subjective morality/reality, and suicidal tendencies to delve into the value of life, defining authentic love against co-dependency, obsession and manipulation, and how to align self-preservation and survival with truth, identity and moral integrity and…I could…go on…for pages and pages…I really like my book XD, I’m be happy to share what I’ve got so far too if ya like? I’D REALLY LOVE TO READ YOUR STORY BTW!!!!!!!
Yeah, Story Embers is the best!!! I loved it here so much I’ve made more friends here than all the friends I’ve made in my entire short life combined, and everyone is so passionate and authentic and kind, I could never have imagined such a beautiful privilege to be around a group like this was possible on earth. It’s just amazing!!!

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