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That’s why I’m doing the quick polish, hopefully that will make it readable. xD

I think you’ll be surprised at how decent it already is! Whenever I think “Well, this is two thousand words of trash but I’m leaving this problem for future me” and I reread it later I always wonder why I hated it because it’s pretty decent! I’m sure it’ll work out! (Plus, rereading and polishing is always fun 🙂 )

Is that what you use to write? Or do you have scrivner?

I have Scrivener, I got it as a gift last year. I absolutely love it and I’m never going back, but I have used Google Docs sometimes, when I need to send excerpts of writing around. I like it as far as I know it!

Rose, really now, if you wrote three hours a day at your speed, you could write 150k in a month.

Theoretically! I use up all my self-dicipline on schoolwork and don’t have much left when it comes to stuff I actually enjoy XD So, practically, there is no way I could write that much XD Though, I do want to try to draft my next book in 2-3 months. (I have no idea if that will actually work because my current tempo isn’t sustainable, but I’d like to try)

A three month first draft isn’t that hard if you have enough time.  xD It definitely got harder once school and college started though. The worst part about it is that my writing speed is around 800 words an hour on average (less than that at 6:00 in the morning) and that means the amount of hours I had to put in was exorbitantly large.

Okay, extreme respect for that much dedication!

Also, I’m really excited about reading Thief’s Dilemma! 😀

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