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Noah Cochran


YAY!!! Go you!! That’s fantastic, congratulations on finishing your first draft!! Most people don’t manage to draft a book in a lifetime and you did it in like three months!! Great job!!

I appreciate it. 🙂

As long as there aren’t TOO many typos

That’s why I’m doing the quick polish, hopefully that will make it readable. xD

Also, Google Docs is perfect! It’s easy to write notes on!

Is that what you use to write? Or do you have scrivner?

Wait till you hear this! It isn’t just a novel-length book like mine, it’s at least 150k words long!!! That’s twice as long as my manuscript and took half the time! I still barely believe it but I’m extremely impressed!

Rose, really now, if you wrote three hours a day at your speed, you could write 150k in a month. 😄

Also, the script is awesome and I love it and I can’t wait to read more of it, and @noah-cochran I want to highly recommend Cathy as a beta-reader/critique partner. She’s fantastic (and so is her writing! Her characters are incredibly endearing and deep and all of is just so fun.) Her observations are clear, well-thought out, honest without being harsh, and her advice is brilliant. All of it comes down to “Man, that’s so obviously correct I’m embarrassed I didn’t see it before.” Also she has exceptional insight into characters and plot. Every observation she’s made about my characters is so accurate I’m constantly amazed.

Well Cathy, I have been successfully hyped by Rose. 🙂 I’m looking forward to your insights.


*magic very clearly shown to be evil anyone using magic is a villain at the time excluding where there was a lack of knowing consent/trickery involved, there is reference to miraculous occurrences but they’re left very open to this could be “logically explained”/this could be a miracle it’s up to the reader* Yeah, magic is used solely by the villains.😁
Honestly I’m very excited to hear your opinion on how I used the magic system 😅

Okay, I’m up for it then. 🙂

So I could try to do that and we’ll figure out the pdfs when we get there?

Sounds good. Also, I was being an idiot, pdf’s are only going to open on the computer they are downloaded on. xD


A three month first draft isn’t that hard if you have enough time.  xD It definitely got harder once school and college started though. The worst part about it is that my writing speed is around 800 words an hour on average (less than that at 6:00 in the morning) and that means the amount of hours I had to put in was exorbitantly large.



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