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I finished my first draft yesterday, and after taking a small break, I plan to do my first round of editing.

YAY!!! Go you!! That’s fantastic, congratulations on finishing your first draft!! Most people don’t manage to draft a book in a lifetime and you did it in like three months!! Great job!!

I hope to be done with that first revision around Christmas break, and that’s when I will have my first round of betas read the book, so if you’re still interested by then, I’ll gladly take your offer.

That’s perfect timing! Unless something pops up, that’ll work! Don’t worry about making it perfect, I’m happy reading a pretty rough draft! (As long as there aren’t TOO many typos XD)

If you would ever like a beta reader Rose, you sold me on your WIP long ago.

Awesome! I’ll keep it in mind! I have a couple more revisions left, so it won’t be anytime soon, but I’ll remember!

Also, Google Docs is perfect! It’s easy to write notes on!


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