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Noah Cochran


It may take a couple days to get all of it on but I’ll post links probably daily!!!

I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

The magic system is based of concepts from nihilism and New Age philosophy to demonstrate their Satanic nature and is used by the villains and drives the sociological and political structure of the plot.

Hmm…so it’s just the villain dabbling in the supernaturalish stuff? If that’s all it is, I’m probably still up for it, mostly because it’s you and I would like to see what exactly you mean by magic system.

I am not supposed to use GoogleDocs

So would you rather not use that book marketing google doc I sent you then?

Try this link if you would for me, Cathy. It’s a link to a pdf I downloaded, I just wanted to see if it was possible for you to send me pdfs directly through SE. We’ll see about the email thing, I would like to try this first for now though.

Ooooh I volunteer for beta reading!!!

I appreciate it, you’re officially on my list. 🙂

haha, I have @rose-colored-fancy’s first chapter!!

If you would ever like a beta reader Rose, you sold me on your WIP long ago. 🙂

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