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Thanks for the info Cathy!

Absolutely! Of course this means you have to keep me posted when you find something too 😉

If you’re willing, I would love for you to post those resources in this document. That should allow you to edit the document so you can post the links.

Oh my gosh it’s so cute and organized and tidy!!! *glances at two drawers chalked full of chaotic notes scribbled on every available and unavailable scrap of paper on random sticky notes, cards, used notebooks (writing over pencil in pen) and a couple smudged erasable markers’ notes…*
Alrighty! *cracks knuckles dramatically* It may take a couple days to get all of it on but I’ll post links probably daily!!!

Sure, as long as I’m not crazy busy or something, I should be able to beta read for you sometime, just give me the link to the document(s) when you’re ready. Btw, do you use google docs to write? I might be searching for beta readers myself sometime, so I might come back to this topic eventually.

Ok! Oh…I forgot…In light of the magic-system discussion post you should probably know that book uses both a magic system and a fantasy system. The magic system is based of concepts from nihilism and New Age philosophy to demonstrate their Satanic nature and is used by the villains and drives the sociological and political structure of the plot. But I know you mentioned in the discussion post you didn’t agree with portraying too many supernatural elements in literature so I don’t know if that’s something you’d be comfortable reading…? I’m sorry I didn’t mention it before I meant to but then I forgot XDD.
If you’re good with trying it I usually email it in a pdf format but I bet with my new Convertkit account I can post chapters on my landing page and then send you a link. But if you don’t want to beta read that, some time in December I’m planning to launch my first newsletter for that webtoon I’m working on with my brother which has no magic system (although it does still have a fantasy system)?
I am not supposed to use GoogleDocs 😂(I asked my parents they said no) but I think I can do WordDocs…somewhat. I know Google docs are very popular and pdfs are completely offline so they don’t do links well.
Ooooh I volunteer for beta reading!!! (*haha, I have @rose-colored-fancy’s first chapter!!!😁*)

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