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I’m up to 7681 words, which is really not great considering that puts me at about 12 WPM.

That’s awesome! Rewriting can be quite a chore, there’s so much more research to put into it, but that’s still a great word count!

Today I wrote a conversation translated bilaterally in real time by a translator which has to provide multiple potential interpretations when there isn’t enough context, so that was really fun. Extremely slow, but fun!

That sounds so awesome! That’s a very cool concept! And don’t worry about too much information, when I’m reading I generally prefer too much over too little. It means the author loved the project enough to really think about it, and that’s always great 🙂


Does Role-playing count, lol? No words today, likely–other stuff going on that’s more important. (good things).

Other important good things are always fantastic! :)🥰


I had a lot of schoolwork today, so it was hard to clear out time to write, but I managed to meet my word count! (Pretty fast too!) 2111 words in 50 minutes, besides outlining the next chapter.

I’m hitting a slower spot in my manuscript, so it’s getting harder to push through, but this is what NaNo is for, I guess!

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