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Emily Waldorf

OK: so, my WIP is called When Morning Comes. (Or maybe As Morning Comes–which do you prefer?) and it’s in a fantasy setting. Another world that functions exactly as ours does, only with different countries. MCs are Quin and Qatar Miller–half brothers. Their life has been forever changed eleven months ago by a carriage accident that killed their mother and maimed Quin. Quin struggles not to feel objectified, and to come to grips with his disability, while Qatar succumbs to his anger–and later struggles against it, and their relationship stagnates. Until Qatar is imprisoned for selling opium and Quin is sold as a slave. The only good thing about this new situation is a young woman by the name of Anika Litvak. (I had to get Anika in there!!!)

There is no Time there, and no trouble there. ~Sydney Carton

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