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Oik! I’m late again! OH HEEEY @R-M-ARCHER!!!💖💖💖 *am totally subscribe can never have too much writing/publishing tips!!!🥰*

Okay, you’ve piqued my attention. What has your research shown? Do you happen to have a step by step process for step publishing type up somewhere that you could share with me? Or is it all in your head? xD If you ever have the time, I would love to hear all the tips on marketing a self-published book you could give me. I’m planning to do my own in depth dive this winter after I finish my first draft of my novel, but I never pass up wells of information such as yourself if I can help it. So if you ever have the time, I’d welcome anything and everything you could give me.

Alright! I actually have a ton of email-marketing resources right here that I can email you? 🙂 And the “Kindlepreneur” blogs tend to have good advice for Kindle and Amazon marketing.
My biggest takeaway would probably be tho that there isn’t any hard rule that works every time, so just “do your research, know what you’re doing, seize opportunities and adapt with the feedback.” I learned pretty quick for example how to give a quick “elevator pitch” summary of my WIP to anybody who asked (one sentence long; make it as brief as you can and as clear as you can there’s a thick science to it but you can always change and adapt from peoples’ responses) and if this was somebody I knew–at least later in the process I’d just kinda follow up with a “hey I’m writing two chapters a month finished on 7th and 21th, you wanna beta read?” and invariably everyone I’ve asked like that has said yes (and I’m still doing that if ya want?). But I had already kinda build a connection in the conversation and made a good impression, plus I was gauging interests and all.
So that made a first step, but not much long-term engagement and actions. Encouraging small actions makes for more “conversions”: viewers to buyers, casual readers to hardcore fans etc. My next step is probably going to be designing a visually appealing newsletter that has plenty of links and buttons and small-scale “rewards” for actions to make it as dynamic and engaging as possible which encourages conversions. I’d decided to wait until I knew I had ten+ people interested before I launch a newsletter but it legally counts as “work experience” on a resume for graphic design which is my upcoming study so if the pieces pull together I’ll probably have a newsletter once I pull Ehud and Rosy out of the Character Castle (I was doing them for fun but Ehud’s been in that castle for over a year now and perked a small fanbase so I’m gonna roll with that for now).
The idea there would be to get feedback, establish a loose fan profiling like my target audience for Ehud’s story is Christian MG to YA depending on how the actual writing goes probably around the False Prince’s intensity. Special appealing perks would be historical integration and analysis (@rusted-knight’s specialization) which would appeal to history buffs, neurological disorders such as amnesia, ADHD and sociopathic tendencies like anger management and antisocial which would appeal to …uh, people-people? Eh ya’know the people interesting in diverse casting!
*Aaaaaaand where was I going with this I know I had point…*
*shrug* I guess just study and be an opportunist is my biggest advice! And I do have lottsa research particularly for email-marketing on-hand if ya want! 🙂

So to get it straight, how many times do you revise/second draft your books?

LOL for this–myfirst–book, oogles! But I revised three or four times I guess but I’ve not second drafted through my entire book luckily; my farthest re-draft was *goes back to check* 25 chapters 112 pages and that’s not even a quarter of the plot in the first part of the book *dang is it really looking to be that long….??* I’ve done that twice and then found myself running down a plot-bunny and started over but keeping the major scenes. Now I’ve really honed in on the writing “on the fly” writing mini-plots on StoryEmbers that get posted as I write and with my drafts too so that I’m much much better at improvising and staying focused on the meat of the story. So this is my second or third re-drafting and I’m at chapter 14 pages 69 and I know all the mini-climaxes and bullet points I’m building up to so I’ve got a great feeling about this one and it’ll be the last one.
So that’s about 3-4 revisions/2-3 redrafts 🙂

I’ve been writing for a grand total of 4 months. xD I literally knew almost nothing about writing until June last summer, and in June and July I did my research on writing and storycraft, and started practice writing sessions. I officially started writing, by starting my outline and first draft of my current WIP at the end of July.

Oh sounds like you’ve got yourself a game-plan here!😄 Can’t wait to read your book when it’s done! 🙂

The False Prince is a great book, what of my favorite YA books I’ve ever read.

YES!!! I LOVED that book!!!! The MC was just such a dynamic, fun character and the situation was so engaging and exciting!!! Right now I’m on the Runaway King and I got my little brother hooked on it and he’s already to the Shadow Throne I can’t wait to see what happens to these guys I’m so glad rose-colored-fancy got me hooked on it lol!!!

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