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Hi Katie, I’m Rose! Pleased to meet you!

That’s awesome! There are some other MG writers hereabouts, it’s awesome to have you!

I think with kids’ stories, I’m free to create all sorts of crazy stuff. Like with one of my WIPs, I have a colorful, husky-like sled dog run across water as well as change the snow’s color with her sneezes.

That sounds like so much fun! That’s definitely one of the advantages of kids’ stories! Also the reason why I still love reading them, the sheer amount of weird, fun stuff you couldn’t make work in YA makes it so awesome!

I mainly write YA fantasy (But I’m on my first project so I haven’t gotten to try much else 🙂 )

I’m working on a fantasy trilogy set in an alternate Medieval North Africa! It has no magic or very fantastical elements, but the political systems and history are made up. It’s very fun to write 🙂

I’m working on the second draft of the first book, (Gilded Blood) and I’ve finished the first draft of the second book, (Shadow Shards) but after I finished this revision of book 1, I’ll draft book 3 first. (Smoke Circlet)

I look forward to seeing you around!

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