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Hi, Noah. Nice to meet you.

So I didn’t get really into writing until I think around 2016. Before it was very much on-and-off. I wrote a book I initially thought would be a YA, but when I posted the beginning of it for my online critique group, somebody thought it was more for a younger audience. So rather than change it into a more YA appropriate story, I decided to make it middle grade. That book isn’t finished yet; it’s one of my many unfinished works. 😛

I think with kids’ stories, I’m free to create all sorts of crazy stuff. Like with one of my WIPs, I have a colorful, husky-like sled dog run across water as well as change the snow’s color with her sneezes. Recently, though, I am writing YA stories, including a Rapunzel retelling involving a girl waiting for a heart transplant and living in a community of telepathic spies working for an authoritarian president. So it’s “1984 meets Lurlene McDaniel.” 🙂

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