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Joy C. Woodbury


I’m curious, you mentioned before that you do believe in heaven, but not in immortality after the resurrection. So do you believe everyone except the saints will become mortal again after being resurrected? So everyone will die twice, but the second death is eternal? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, I’ve never heard about this before 🙂

No problem, happy to explain! 🙂

So basically. When people die, they just remain sleeping in the ground until Jesus comes at the first resurrection. At the first resurrection, the dead in Christ rise first and meet Him in the air. Then the dead unbelievers rise and watch as the righteous dead are taken to heaven. When Jesus and His people disappear in the clouds, the wicked die again. This is the first resurrection (and the first death as well, for the wicked.)

The righteous spend 1,000 years in heaven, and at the end of the 1,000 years, they return to earth with Jesus, Who calls the wicked back to life and they rise from their graves. (This is the second resurrection.) Satan deceives them into attempting to take possession of the Holy City – an effort which is unsuccessful, of course. Jesus closes the gates. The wicked then see the glory of the saints, listen to their songs, and watch as the story of salvation is replayed before their eyes (Jesus’ life, crucifixion, resurrection from the tomb, and ascension to heaven). At the end of all this, they fall down and worship Jesus as Lord, including Satan – but their evil characters remain unchanged. After they bow down to Jesus, He destroys them all instantly – the second death.

How the whole mortal/immortal thing works is that all humans are mortal beings, so only God can bestow the immortality that He Himself possesses. He gives this immortality to the righteous at the first resurrection. The wicked are not granted immortality, which means they stay mortal – which consequently means they die forever at the second death.

Hope this all made sense! I’m not so good at explaining at times XD So let me know if anything’s unclear!

Also, who do you believe count as saints?

Good question! We believe that each person who believes in Jesus is a saint.

Yep, miscalculation of the second coming is a universal thing XD I know the Messianics have had it like… five times in the past ten years. Not universally, just like a handful of people who picked a date XD And that’s when Mark 13:32 and Matthew 24:36 come up XD

Exactly, haha! I think the problem does come in when people begin to think they can foretell the exact day of the Second Coming, when the Bible makes it clear we know neither the day nor the hour. So it’s probably good we bring up those two verses! XD The thing is that God entered the Most Holy Place in 1844, but we don’t know when the Day of Atonement will be over. That’s why they say, always be ready. XD

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