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R.M. Archer

Have you ever read Jane Eyre or A Separate Peace? (The latter has some choice words, from what I remember, but other than that, it really made you think.)

I haven’t. I own Jane Eyre and I’ve been meaning to read it, but I haven’t gotten that far down the physical TBR yet. (I have way too much of a physical TBR, lol.) I’ll look into A Separate Peace, too.

Yeah, the world is growing darker and it’s hard to find that godly influence. Where I live, it’s hard to just find a good church and good friends. How about you? Do you have a strong church base?

I’ve found the same thing.

I have a church I attend. I have history and good fellowship with some of the folks there, but overall there’s not a whole lot of connection at this point. So from a fellowship standpoint… eh? But I haven’t been going that long, so I’m hoping that’ll change… We’ll see. I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with in-person fellowship, unfortunately; I tend to find more encouragement from Christians I know online. But the teaching is fairly solid and there’s some community, so it’s at least better than nothing in-person.

So true! It would be nice if we could have YA stories about growing up, learning to get a job, deal with normal changes like college and friends moving away, etc, without getting dark or adding pages of mature content.

Exactly! We need more YA that actually tackles coming-of-age themes again instead of, as my mom puts it, showing “all the adult vices with none of the adult responsibility.” Because really that’s what ends up happening in a lot of YA. Though there are, of course, some good exceptions. (Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker and the A Time To Die series by Nadine Brandes come to mind.)

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