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Hey, sorry it took awhile to reply.

Your story idea sounds cool; are you going to do NaNoWriMo this year?

Oh, my family loves The False Prince!  We’re reading the fifth book in the series right now, and loving it.  How far along in the series have you gotten?


“I also don’t like the idea that what makes adult fiction adult fiction is adult content. And now we’re seeing that mindset with YA–that YA has to be more gritty and dark and vulgar. Obviously YA is going to deal with more mature topics than MG, and an adult fic more so than a YA, but those topics and themes should be handled carefully and they should not be requirements for a story to be YA or adult. It seems that if you want to write a story for teens these days it has to include all this ‘mature’ content or deal with some heavy topic. Why can’t we just have normal stories of growing up?”

So true!  It would be nice if we could have YA stories about growing up, learning to get a job, deal with normal changes like college and friends moving away, etc, without getting dark or adding pages of mature content.

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