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Denali Christianson


The best part of getting to invent stuff is you can use as much symbolism as you like and interconnect everything! It’s the best when you realize it just… happened. XD

Yesss!!!!! I was literally so excited the day I realized this:

See, I have this mountain that people can climb up but don’t ever live on. It’s to wild and rugged, etc., etc. But at the end of the Epochs, when the Creator returns to His people, He’s going to live on top of the mountain and people will live with Him.

Then I realized how in this life, we’ll have mountaintop experiences with God, but we’re not supposed to cling to the mountain and live up there because then we can’t grow. But when Jesus returns, we get to do that! We get to live on the mountain!

I may have screeched when I realized how unintentionally that happened…

"The light perceives the very heart of the darkness." -Haldir

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