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Rose, I’m delighted to meet you! (Also, your profile pic is absolutely lovely!)

Oh, thank you! It’s a character design for a possible future project! (Or she might get her own short story based on the three drawings, I don’t know yet 🙂 )

Oh wonderful! I’ll be on the lookout for the group. (If I don’t join, it’s simply because my schedule is a bit hectic just now and I can only take a group at a time!)

I get that feeling, I already spend time here that I should be writing XD Look forward to hopefully seeing you around!

Awww, thank you! Yes! Because we use Band, people can post polls, videos, and even quizzes, (I don’t know if we will do it, but it even allows for voice and video group calls), which kinda livens things up. Like I told Noah, I think it’s more of a support group because we’re probably not closing it after November. So you can post something about wanting help brainstorming or how many words you wrote, etc. Honestly, it can even be a poll as to whether you think fantasy should always be trilogies. Right now we’re very small (there are only six of us currently), but you’re more than welcome to invite others!

That’s so cool! I’ll look into it! As you mentioned, it’s kinda hard to be active in two groups, so I’m not sure I can join, but thanks for inviting me!

I’d love to hear about your WIP!

Awesome! I’m writing a fantasy trilogy (Yes, fantasy is best in trilogies, I’m not taking constructive criticism on that XD) set in an alternate Medieval North Africa! The elevator pitch goes something like this: Liorah, the princess of a desert tribe, has to attempt an impossible mission to rescue her brother from an old enemy before the entire country dissolves into war.

I’ve drafted the first two books, and am about halfway through rewriting the first. (I plan to finish that this NaNo!) After that, I’ll probably draft book 3 before plunging back into revisions.

Your WIP sounds awesome! I love the stakes you’ve already set up, it sounds fascinating! What’s your favorite part about your WIP and at what stage are you?

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