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You’re welcome! I hope it helps. 🙂

Editing run-throughs, though many of my drafts thus far have involved adding and/or changing scenes. My first draft was just to get it written (duh). My second draft was restructuring things so that my plot worked (that one had the most rewriting). Then I had a draft focusing on my main character’s arc and voice, a draft focusing on some more minor characters, a draft focusing on two secondary characters’ arcs and voices, a draft focusing on worldbuilding… At some point I got feedback from my alpha-readers and applied that. When I had done pretty much all I could do on my own, I sent it to beta-readers and applied their feedback (this draft probably led to the most rewriting/adding besides the initial rewrite). OH! There was also an added draft for this book when I sent it to sensitivity readers who could specifically give me feedback on the portrayal of chronic illness. But yeah. All of those get me to nine, and now I’m reading through it in print and making more notes while it’s also with a professional editor who’s doing line-edits and will then do proofreads once I’ve applied her line-editing feedback.

I don’t think it’s that I’m a perfectionist; that’s just how many drafts it’s taken this particular book to be ready. It takes a while to get a book all the way from a first draft to publication-ready. This one has taken me about two years, start to almost-finish. Now, if I were to continue nitpicking every little detail after I’ve finished these last two drafts, that would be perfectionism—I’m aware there is a point where editing ceases to improve the story and just changes things for no real benefit—but I haven’t reached that point yet.

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