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R.M. Archer

Do you happen to have a step by step process for step publishing type up somewhere that you could share with me?

*barges in* I DO. *cough* I mean… I do. I wrote a whole blog series on self-publishing, actually. Assuming SE doesn’t eat the link… you can find the first post here.

So to get it straight, how many times do you revise/second draft your books?

Hi sorry I’m totally butting in feel free to ignore me or tell me if it’s annoying

My most recent novel has gone through… *squints* Nine drafts so far? And I have two to go? So… yeah. 11-ish. My other books will probably take longer. Some of them in particular. It depends on the book. My short stories only got revised once or twice. I have one short story that went through about four drafts, but that’s pretty much the max on a short story for me. The minimum for a novel, in my experience, is about 3-4? But that’s looking at novels that I never actually finished and published, so… I’d recommend expecting more than that.

I’ve been writing for a grand total of 4 months. xD I literally knew almost nothing about writing until June last summer, and in June and July I did my research on writing and storycraft, and started practice writing sessions. I officially started writing, by starting my outline and first draft of my current WIP at the end of July.

Really? That’s cool!

Are you aiming for a particular timeline with your project?

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