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How long have you been writing Cathy?

*tilts head to think* I kinda started when I was nine but so on and off I’d only count it because the ideas never stopped building in my subconscious from that. I really started like a day or two before I turned thirteen cos I decided by the time I turned fourteen I’d have a first draft and I was a couple days past my deadline but ended up ok. Then I spent the next year researching self-publishing and marketing while touching up and partial redrafting and by fifteen I was at “total rehauling” stage and I got my two cousins to beta-read as I wrote but this year (now seventeen) I’m revising everything rehauled and have a very firm grip on the key elements/themes of the story and I write two chapters a month to be submitted on the 7th and 21th to my beta readers (at chapter twelve or so now). It took so long in part because it’s my first book and still working out writing system but also I had to pull an extensive amount of research into accurately portraying complex trauma, suicidal behavior, demonic infestation (yes there’s a way to research that Old Testament and exorcist docs) especially linked to New Age, nihilism, and subjective reality/morality philosophies, and accurately portraying lgbtq+ characters as well-rounded characters. In retrospect what the heck was I thinking thirteen-year-old me?! *remembers I literally had no outline at all and idk how or when those themes crept in XD*
So counting when I was nine that’s eight years, and not counting that about four years going on five 🙂 Hbu?

I’m a fairly boring guy when it comes to special tastes. xD Why don’t you recommend me some good books with unique voices.

Lol. Well I just finished the False Prince and LOVED it and he had such a lively voice and I love 1st Person POVs that keep secrets XD! I liked the Inkheart Trilogy’s descriptions, they had very vivid imagery revolving around books, fire, darkness, loneliness, betrayal and choosing. It was really good how she’d describe this villain who came out of book with “skin as pale as parchment paper” etc; every description was related to a particular set of imagery that had a particular set of themes/concepts attached to it. Hell Spawn’s a Catholic horror I just finished reading (yes while reading False Prince) and it had a very dynamic 1st Person voice, lol, while it’s more or less research-accurate it’s kinda more sensational than religious but what did I expect from a horror? (: Still fun read! The Percy Jackson series was another fun 1st Person, Dracula was an interesting narrative that acted like a series of diaries, journals, memos and recordings tagged together some during the events, some before and some after and it managed to be pretty intense and engaging even with that (although I still haven’t finished it yet 🙂 and it was leaning hard on the less part of more or less accurate to Catholic beliefs lol)

There is no way I’m the only one who likes it. “If you can’t impress them with your intelligent baffle them with your insanity!” I am so using that quote, I love it!

Thanks😂! LOL IKR!!! That’s such a wise meme!!

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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