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I’m not sure what “gilded blood” is, but I love it as a name for a book. xD (Does it mean privileged blood?)

Thank you! I’m really proud of it 🙂

On one hand… yes, but also no XD

Initially, I just liked the sound of it, then I reverse-engineered the book to make it fit the title XD

So, the in-story explanation is that the Goldenblooded is a term that came to be used for the direct line of ascension for the rulers of one of the tribes.

But the original meaning of the term came from a myth that said all people had been born with golden blood, and after the coming of sin, their blood turned red. So Golden-blooded would more traditionally mean righteous or blameless. And that came to be applied as a title of respect for the Lehabim royalty because they had such a long dynasty of just rulers.

(The longest of any of the tribes actually. They’re the only tribe that still has a monarchy, all the others had some sort of rebellion that caused them to turn to more democratic forms of governance.)

And I changed it from “Goldenblooded” to “Gilded blood” because gilded implies that something is purely on the outside. This points at a certain part of the theme, namely that nobody is blameless or purely righteous of their own power, and that things seem better on the outside.

And to make it even better, I connected the image of golden blood directly to one of the characters via a dream. And it just so happens that that character symbolizes all those things, perfection on the outside and crumbling within and that nobody can be righteous of their own power.

Did I vastly overthink this? You bet I did XD Still, I’m very proud of it and that symbolism is one of my favorite parts of the book. 🙂

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