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R.M. Archer

Ah, what’s your favorite classic or nonfiction book so far?

I’ve enjoyed so many, and a lot of them for different reasons. XD LOTR is great in the classics category (of course). I’ve been meaning to reread it soon. And Lewis’s Space Trilogy is underrated. If you go really classic, Plato’s Atlantis dialogues are fascinating. I had so much fun making notes in the margins on those.

As far as non-fiction goes, Andrew Peterson’s Adorning the Dark is amazing. Can’t recommend it enough. And C.R. Wiley’s books are also excellent.

But honestly, I could make a loooooong list of classics and non-fiction books I’ve loved. XD

Are you needing to take more in to get ideas for a story?

In part it’s for the sake of my writing–I’m finding classics to be great for learning more about deep prose and themes, and I’ve ended up taking concepts and ideas from non-fiction for my worlds and stories, as well–but it’s more just for my own mental and spiritual well-being, lol.

I think YA was easier for me to read when it was one worldly thing amidst my overwhelmingly godly surroundings; but as the world has further decayed and it’s become harder to avoid and I’ve outgrown a couple of the godly communities I was a part of in high school, I’ve found I need more godly–or at the very least thoughtful and edifying–content to balance things out again. As a general rule, classics have a much better grasp of human nature and the importance of deep thought than modern fiction does. And non-fiction inspires thought simply by nature of being real. So I find that my worldview is better challenged and honed these days by classics and non-fiction than by the YA fiction that used to challenge and hone my worldview (though it did so in different ways).

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