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Agreed!!! I’ve always loved how unique the book and chapter titles are and have even thought about making my titles similar, since I love them so much. xD I might, but who knows…

I love it too! I’ve thought about adding titles to my chapters, but I’ve never actually tried it. *Lightbulb moment* I could maybe do that with this next project! That might be cool! I’ll think about it! Thanks for the idea!

Yup, foreshadowing adds a lot to a story that you just can’t get any other way. *sighs contentedly, picturing someone reading my own future novel with lots of foreshadowing*

Yessss, foreshadowing is one of my all-time favorite things to do! I love reading and writing it!


I actually have a fantasy rough draft set in a (I guess) Victorian-esque era where I did first-person retrospective. I found it great fun, until I couldn’t figure out how the darn thing would end. (but I haven’t given up on it!)

That’s amazing! What’s the plot, what’s it about, I want to know everything it sounds too cool! I love Victorian fantasy in general, it’s just the best!

I recommend reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (which employs a First-person retrospective narrative) and books by Charles Dickens or other Victorian-era authors to help get a similar prose which might help with the old-fashioned feel if you want to (note: it takes a while for Dickens novels to build up, it’s a slow burn and the final chapters are so hard to put down once you’ve become so invested A Christmas Carol is pretty much the only one I can think of that I’ve read that you don’t necessarily have to work for).

*High-fives fellow Dickens fan* XD

I’ve read a lot of Victorian and Edwardian fiction, which is where I started loving the prose style! I kinda enjoyed Treasure Island, though I liked his book “Kidnapped” better! (Also first-person retrospective)

Yep, they take an age to get rolling XD My favorite Dickens book so far was Great Expectations, and that didn’t get going until about a third of the way in!

I think maybe including how your character feels about the events as they happen may breach the distance a little, as well as suspense and maybe even a character who doesn’t remember everything that happened or learns of events afterward?

Oooh, that’s such a cool idea! I’ll be using that!

Also, I recommend David <i>Copperfield</i> by Charles dickens, it’s in the first-person retrospective as well as being one of the first Victorian novels I remember listening to on audiobook.

That’s awesome, I’ll totally look into it! (Also, audiobooks are the best for classics XD You can just go on with your thing while they infodump for fifteen pages XD)

I’ve only read Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities and a part of Pickwick Papers! I do really want to read some more but I keep getting distracted XD

Thanks for your advice! That helped a lot! 🙂

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