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Scott K.

@noah-cochran – I’m not ruling out writing a novel, but it won’t happen in the immediate future. I’ll be sticking to roleplaying for now.

I’m writing two scenarios. One is for Free League Publishing’s VAESEN, which will be an investigation story with a Halloween twist. Currently doing a lot of research into the Nordic culture and traditions to see what their equivalent is to Halloween, and it’s pretty interesting and ripe for story adaptation.

The other is for a new adventure/action RPG made by Two Little Mice called BROKEN COMPASS. I love classic adventure movies and am very much inspired by the Indiana Jones / The Mummy / Tomb Raider series. I’ve always wanted to write a story in that kind of a setting, and BROKEN COMPASS seems tuned just for that. It’ll be a story taking place in the Golden Age (1930s) and the adventurers will be setting their sites on Yemen’s infamous Well of Hell. I’m waiting until I get the printed core rulebooks I pledged for on Kickstarter before I put pen to paper on it, but I’ve already done a lot of mind-mapping and creature/antagonist design. I really want to put a more “biblical” scope on this one, like “Last Crusade” had, to get my players thinking about truth, a real Good vs. evil, etc. Can’t wait to see it through.

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