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Generally speaking, YA works are easy to consume and enjoy. They are more refined than teens or children’s series and are able to handle more mature topics as has been said by others here, but also are not as stuffy and tough to get through as Adult/Classics….. Young Adult fills a niche for a lot of people, books that can be grabbed off the shelf and started on easily while also having complex ideas and characters…. Simply having the genre name of Young Adult makes it appealing to a wide audience. Anyone aged 16-30 could fall into this category, and newcomers to literature can easily look at YA and think “I am a young adult, I can consume these.” Because time ceaselessly marches on, there are ALWAYS young adults that are looking to enjoy a story.

Hi Isaiah, it’s nice to meet you!  I really enjoyed the points you made, and it’s given me a lot to think about.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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