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Okay, so after writing all of that, I’m not sure that was relevant to your post at all. xD It was just something I felt like ranting about because that booktuber made me want to throttle him. xD Anyways, I would probably consider myself writing adult, but some might call it YA. As I said, I like these older categories because I feel you can do more with them, in not just in mature topics. YA and adult usually have more epic plots, and most importantly for me, more interesting characters (I like reading about young adults and adults because a lot more interesting and conflicting things can happen to them). So, I got super off track, but I hope I kinda answered your questions. 🙂


No, no problem!  I enjoyed hearing your thoughts (and totally understand the throttling thing. haha  Feel free to rant)  Yikes, I’ve heard they added some of the physical stuff in some YA books (maybe not as explicit as in some adult books, but it’s pretty clear what’s going on.)

Yes, there’s a lot more you could explore with YA/Adult books, and I’ve read some deep ones (Fahrenheit 451, and currently, Animal Farm).  What’s your favorite Adult book so far?

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