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Andrew Schmidt


Hey, nice blog there! Also, very cool dogs!


In case you were curious, I’m still thinking about college. As I have researched more, I came to a realistic conclusion that animal photography better fit my natural strengths than, say, starting up a goldfish shop. However, in another sense, I would still have a business – it is just photography based. So, I may attend college for this specific education. I think this career would allow me to be more flexible and creative. Even then, I could still photograph my favorite animals, from the coolest and most unique goldfish all the way to the northern cardinal. Also, with photography, I could travel a lot. And photography combines well with a writing project.


I received that books on legends in relation to birds, and it is a fascinating read… even though I haven’t finished the book yet, but I will when I have the time. It is an excellently written book, so far so good.

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