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Noah Cochran


Hmm…so this is a nuanced question. If someone were to ask me if I was writing YA, I would actually say no. I consider myself to be writing adult. YA in its most basic form is just a marketing title, it’s not truly a category of books. People market books as YA so teenagers can know that the publisher is aiming it at them, even if the book is more advanced in prose. The thing is, there are so many parameters people use to call a book YA vs adult. Now, I want to say something about these parameters, but before I do, let me answer your question specifically.

I do read some books that would probably be called MG, but usually (not always), I am personally not a fan of books about young children, or geared toward young children. I prefer reading books about adults, or at least people in their high teens. Just my preference, I think more can be done with higher age groups, and more mature topics can be handled. That is the reason I don’t write MG, and instead write adult, or I suppose, YA, some might call my writing.

Back to that YA vs Adult fiction thing. I recently heard a booktuber talking about a new film coming out based off a certain book series. In this book series, two of the characters are romantically interested in each other (courting pretty much) and their relationship develops and then changes to just friendship later on after the first book. Well this first film is only showing events of book one, and yet in a scene in the trailer, it strongly infers that these two characters’ relationship became physical before marriage, and that during this “we plan to get married” period, the two characters take things past how the book describes it (which is purely a “we are pretty much betrothed, we kinda like each other, and we assume we are going to marry). You might be wondering why I just typed all of that up. xD Well, here’s what irritated me like crazy. This foolish booktuber said that he was glad they were adding this in because not having it made it feel kinda YA. Ridiculous. Adult is not adult because it depicts explicit sexual scenes, or has characters have physical relationships willy-nilly. Not having those things does not mean it is YA. The same goes for language. Strong sexual language does not take a book to the adult level, and not having it does not mean it is YAish. If I were to say what made a book adult instead of YA (other than the marketing aspect), I would say that it was the quality of prose, and level of deep subjects and plots. Now, that is very hazy, so hazy in fact that there is no true line between the two.

Okay, so after writing all of that, I’m not sure that was relevant to your post at all. xD It was just something I felt like ranting about because that booktuber made me want to throttle him. xD Anyways, I would probably consider myself writing adult, but some might call it YA. As I said, I like these older categories because I feel you can do more with them, in not just in mature topics. YA and adult usually have more epic plots, and most importantly for me, more interesting characters (I like reading about young adults and adults because a lot more interesting and conflicting things can happen to them).

So, I got super off track, but I hope I kinda answered your questions. 🙂

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