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R.M. Archer

Or do you strive to write the books you wished you could’ve found as a teen? (I noticed that’s why some of my friends choose to write YA). Or maybe you hope to inspire other teens with deep stories?

Yes. XD These are a couple of the key points. To elaborate on the second one a little bit, I’m aware that the teenage years are formative and I want to provide teenage readers with stories that don’t shy away from the important questions that they’re asking, with stories that point toward ultimate truth, and with stories that encourage them to stand firm in what’s right even if it feels like they’re standing alone. There’s so much worthless or outright corrupt YA fiction out there, and I want to put a little bit more light and hope and meaning in the category.

Especially as my sisters are getting older and the oldest is into her teens now, I can see the failings of the YA genre even more starkly then I did when I was a teen because it’s no longer just my mind I’m looking out for; I’m also looking out for my siblings. I want there to be books that my sisters can comfortably read, that they’ll enjoy and learn from and be encouraged by and that they won’t have to skim over whole sections of. (I’ve skimmed. I know my sisters will skim. But they shouldn’t have to.)

So. Yeah. Basically… I see a need there, and I have a strong desire to contribute to filling it. I’ve had a passion for ministering to youth for most of my own teenage years, and this is one of the ways I seek to live out that calling.

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