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Thanks for all the tips Cathy. Draft three or four? How many books have you written? xD

No problem! It was great reading through everybody’s suggestions here awesome topic!
How many books? Assuming you mean finished, hahaaa, none 😣. That’s just an excerpt from a book I’ve been writing since I was thirteen and I’m on the FINAL (hallelujah I WILL MURDER YOU WIP IF IT’S NOT!!!) draft finally! While I’m trying the comic series with my brother and three character castles, an odd moderneque-fantasy fairy-tale mashup that I need to go and strangle to get it outta the way until I’m ready and probably a couple evil deadline murder-clowns. But yay final drafts!!!! 😀

I really enjoyed reading that piece of your writing, that was unique way to show his internal conflict. Skillfully done. I do have one slight off topic question though, do you prefer present tense over past tense? You were using “says” instead of “said.”

Thanks! <3
Yes, I really enjoy using present tense. At least for that one it just really fit in smoothly, there were so many flashbacks in the first couple drafts that I was like “hey, if I keep this up I might as well just change tense for the flashbacks cos I just read something that did that and that’s neat” (was the books ONLY redeeming quality and I never finished it and I don’t think I even remember its title anymore) and that was awkward and first but then it just really clicked for me and now it comes a little more naturally than past tense narratives, I even experimented a little with future tense once and that was REALLY fun but not like for this WIP.
So, I guess to sum, present tense just really smoothed off my narrative for this particular story and I love it and I’m always experimenting with my styles but I think I do have a preference for present tense over past tense when I’m writing cos I really really get into my scenes and want to roll with the feel that I’m actually there while it’s playing out idk why.
Any writers’ voice quirks you really like?

Eventually, give me a couple months.

Lol, I’ll hold ya to it! (:

Cathy my friend, your ranting just cracks me up.  Keep it up, I love it. xD

Thank you!! (*idk why that makes me so happy somebody likes my ranting 😂that’s so much better than being called pretty*). I was following the advise of the wise old memes (because of course they’re always right and everything! 😜) “if you can’t say something nice, make it funny” oh or better yet! “If you can’t impress them with your intelligent baffle them with your insanity!”

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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