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Andrew Schmidt


Well, that’s still really cool! I would like to own goldfish, but I already have a couple aquariums and have no more room for more fish. However, I am considering working at a pet shop. There will be plenty of fish there (aka goldfish) and other animals, from tarantulas and bearded dragons to hermit crabs and guinea pigs – oh, not to mention the zebra finches and parakeets! They’ll be fun to work with, but I am also aware that I will be doing more than just working with animals. There will be an array of tasks to perform, from stocking shelves with supplies, working as a cashier, etc. I’m currently employed at Culvers (I’ve been there for nearly three years) but I want to switch things up a bit and make progress in life.

Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
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