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True. XD Someone really ought to fix that.

Totally. It has a load of potential and the aesthetic is just plain cool XD

Ooooh. That sounds very nice.

It’s so good! And I love the new characters that get introduced. Among others, her son Jake actually gets a personality and is there for the majority of the book, which is really fun. And Suheil! I love him, he’s just the best character, definitely my favorite so far.

Yesss. I’ve actually read one of Marie Brennan’s books about worldbuilding and it was really good. Her anthropologist background really comes through in her worldbuilding, lol. New Worlds: Book One is a little… unfiltered, due in large part simply to the subject matter of a couple of its chapters, but it’s great for pointing out areas of a world that you might not have thought to develop before.

Oooh, that’s awesome! I’ll have to look into it! I loved how she used real cultures for her worldbuilding, but so vaguely it’s still interesting and original.

And I love how much it’s fleshed out. Like the thing about dragon bone decaying because otherwise society would look so drastically different, and people trying to find sythesis for it. That was just the coolest!! And the thing about dragon naturalists constantly arguing about taxonomy was such a cool detail that I had never thought about!


Yes. They is.

And yes, Liorah deserves all the blame. *heaps blame on Liorah*

XD MCs, am I right?

LOL, I have never had a cooperative MC XD And yes, let’s blame Liorah. Always XD

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