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R.M. Archer

LOL, Victorian Fantasy doesn’t leave you many options, unless you include steampunk XD

True. XD Someone really ought to fix that.

I’m currently on the third book, and I do like it better than the second, it has a bit more variation in the setting. (And it includes portions on the sea and I have an immense weakness for sea stories)

Ooooh. That sounds very nice.

Honestly, the worldbuilding in those books is just astounding. I keep getting more and more impressed as it keeps going.

Yesss. I’ve actually read one of Marie Brennan’s books about worldbuilding and it was really good. Her anthropologist background really comes through in her worldbuilding, lol. New Worlds: Book One is a little… unfiltered, due in large part simply to the subject matter of a couple of its chapters, but it’s great for pointing out areas of a world that you might not have thought to develop before.

Even if it did, the premise “Victorian lady who is a dragon naturalist” is enough to keep me reading XD I don’t know how she came up with that but it’s the most brilliant thing XD

LOL. Agreed!

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