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Noah Cochran


Thanks for all the tips Cathy. 🙂

Draft three or four? How many books have you written? xD

I really enjoyed reading that piece of your writing, that was unique way to show his internal conflict. Skillfully done. I do have one slight off topic question though, do you prefer present tense over past tense? You were using “says” instead of “said.”

Ehhhh kinda long but I WANT A SAMPLE OF YOUR STORY TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Eventually, give me a couple months. 🙂

I just lost my old notes on Mary and was so mad I didn’t even look at that for a few days and then a bigillion things vomited out of life like a bad case of yack-phoria and my last brain cell ran away and I had to chase it down lol

Cathy my friend, your ranting just cracks me up.  😂 Keep it up, I love it. xD

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