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Hi Ember! :D.


I totally feel you, I’m trying to get through senior year as well, along with dance commitments, inktober¬†anddd trying to still write semi-consistently, so I totally understand XD

I really want to continue with the story, as I love it dearly, and I really hope we can make it happen. I’m not sure when I have consistent times that I can write, but I’m pretty flexible when I’m not working/procrastinating on my quarterly essays, so I can try and fit whatever times you all are able to write :D.

, @esmeralda-gramilton and I had come up with some potential points to hit for the timeline coming up a few months ago, and figured out how some of the characters we have fit in relation to each other, so we have some things to build off of when/if everyone is able to start working on this again.

So nice to hear from you though, and congrats on the boyfriend :D.

I am still forever alone /j

I hope you’re doing well, and I hope that you’re taking care of yourself and drinking water :)) Hopefully we can work this out and continue soon <3

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